Project Standards Course 


Review the critical steps for developing a custom project template

Developing Archicad standards will structure your process of working and embed your company knowledge. This means your staff can focus on the project instead of trying to answer questions about how to use the software or which tools to use in order to achieve the greatest value out of a BIM model.

These lessons go through a seven part course from an overview of a project template to setting up drawing defaults for drafting to creating modeling standards for developing a project to customizing schedules for listing project data. By establishing these standards from the start you save time and increase productivity on projects.

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1:  Overview of a Project Template
Lesson 2: Understanding Project Preferences
Lesson 3:  Setting Up Graphic Standards
Lesson 4:  Defining Drawing Views
Lesson 5:  Creating Title Blocks & Layouts
Lesson 6:  Setting Up Defaults & Favorites for Tool Settings
Lesson 7:  Defining Building Schedules
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