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To really dive into Archicad we recommend our LIVE coaching program which is appropriate for beginning to advanced users alike. Each week a coach will teach an Archicad topic followed by Q&A as well as a monthly workshop to answer your most pressing questions.

Weekly Archicad Lessons

Included with the Pro Level:

  • Participation in weekly online courses¬†offered on most Mondays.
  • Classes are recorded and archived in the Deep Dive Training¬†Library for 24/7 access by¬†members.
  • Q&A with¬†an experienced instructor following each course.
  • OnDemand access to over¬†140 recorded courses
  • While primarily focused on Archicad, the training also covers additional software such as Artlantis, Twinmotion, and other relevant BIM Software.
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Monthly Group Workshop 

Included with User Group Plus, Basic & Pro Levels:

  • Participation in monthly online¬†sessions.
  • Bring your most¬†pressing Archicad questions and get answers from a knowledgable expert user.
  • Workshops are recorded and available for review.
  • While primarily focused on Archicad questions can include other software related to Archicad but is¬†dependent on knowledge of coach.
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Our Coaches

Stacey Andersen

Archicad Consultant & Coach

Stacey has been an avid Archicad user since 2017, learning from one of the best in the industry at 4Dproof. As a freelance consultant, Stacey has worked with a variety of architecture firms on a variety of project types. One of the things she has learned in working with Archicad, is that who you know is just as important as what you know. No one person knows everything there is to know about Archicad. So having a network of people to problem solve and bounce ideas off of is a crucial part of any project.

Kris Smith

Archicad Consultant & Coach

Kris began his career in Residential Architecture in 2000 for the largest home builder in Winnipeg. During his career he has used a variety of architectural software, including AutoCAD, Softplan, and Architectural Desktop. Once Kris started using Archicad in 2007 he was hooked. Since then he has been sharing his passion for Archicad and helping firms achieve greater success through the power of a truly all in one design, BIM, and documentation software.

Thomas Simmons

BIM Consultant, ARCHVISTA, Inc.

Tom is the Director of BIM at Archvista, Inc., a consulting company focused on the Archicad implementation and project integration. He has extensive experience in BIM technology for building design, project management and construction. Through his work with architects, engineers and contractors he has a broad understanding of BIM with specific emphasis on it’s use to inform design decisions, increase efficiency in documents, produce more accurate cost estimates and facilitate construction coordination through a Virtual Design and Construction process. See more at

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