Project Fundamentals Course


Explore modeling techniques with a focus on project types.

This course goes through the steps to model and visualize several types of projects that are common to Archicad...

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Interiors
  • Site & Landscape

Before taking these lessons we recommend completing the Archicad Basics Course which will provide you with the modeling and workflow fundamentals necessary for this course. 

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Course Lessons

Residential 1 : Creating a Foundation and Building Slab
Residential 2: Building a Wood Frame System
Residential 3: Techniques to Defining Windows & Doors
Residential 4: Modeling the Roof, Skylights & Gutters
Commercial 1: Modeling a Foundation & Steel Structural System
Commercial 2: Creating Wall Assemblies for Metal Frame Construction
Commercial 3: Building Built-Up Roofs with Drainage Systems
Commercial 4: Modeling Curtain Walls & Storefronts
Interiors 1: Modeling Interior Finishes
Interiors 2: Creating & Managing Materials
Interiors 3: Developing Finish & Furniture Schedules
Interiors 4: Visualizing the Interior Design
Site & Landscaping 1: Site Terrain Modeling
Site & Landscaping 2:  Developing the Site Hardscape & Plants
Site & Landscaping 3:  Modeling Landscape Forms & Site Elements
Review the critical steps for developing a custom project template
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