Archicad Basics Course 


Learn about concepts, tools, modeling and documentation

To learn Archicad we recommend starting with our Basics training. In this course we review fundamentals and concepts including the review of a real-world project which helps you understanding how to organize an Archicad model and documentation.  

The course is appropriate for new users of the software. The training is compatible with the current version of Archicad as well as older versions through Archicad 21. The sessions introduce the concepts of BIM and how to model a virtual building within Archicad. You will learn to navigate a virtual building, explore basic modeling techniques and discover how to organize a building information model.

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Course Lessons

Lesson 1:  Understanding Concepts & Tools
Lesson 2: Creating a BIM Model
Lesson 3:  Adding Details to Your Model
Lesson 4:  Documenting Your Project
Learn next about modeling techniques for different project types.
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