Small Firm Uses BIM to Tackle Big Projects

Discover how Jeff’s four-person firm remodeled an existing 100-year old home in San Francisco, a $32-million-dollar project that grew to 11,000 square feet, with the help of ARCHICAD. Only the façade of the double-wide house was left untouched as the redesign went forward; every element, inside and out, was custom, except for door hardware, and even that was finished on-site. Jeff will demonstrate how ARCHICAD helped his team model complex, detailed wooden walls, doors, an elliptical spiral stair made of oak, an elliptical gazebo made with a single pour of cast concrete, the gazebo’s elliptical copper roof, and more. Using the MORPH tool, in particular, helped Jeff model complex geometric shapes accurately. Modelling everything in ARCHICAD made the design possible and easy to communicate. It also eased construction by enabling workers in the field to envision the complex final product.

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