Support & FAQ

Below are six frequently asked questions – and answers. If you still have a question or need support with your account contact us.

1. Can I login to my account from any computer with my username and password, or am I limited to a single computer?

Yes, you can login to your LEARNVIRTUAL account from any internet-connected computer. However, you can only be logged in on one computer at a time.

2. How do I get logged into the LIVE webinars for In-Practice and Coaching events?

We’ve made it easy to attend online In-Practice and Coaching events. We broadcast all of our LIVE events using GoToWebinar – ranked #1 in webinar experience. To get logged into a webinar go to the In-Practice or Coaching event page and click the REGISTER button. Then follow the GoToWebinar instructions for registration and webinar login process.

3. What are the system requirements for GoToWebinar and how do I get support for GoToWebinar questions?

GoToWebinar has an extensive support system. Here are links to commonly asked questions for support:

– Attendee Guide for Webinars
– System Requirements for Attendees
– Join a webinar page for GoToWebinar

4. Can I download your online tutorials?

The training can only be watched online as streaming video. It cannot be downloaded to a computer. The classes have been segmented into lessons which should stream efficiently through a typical broadband internet connection.

5. How do I contact your Customer Service or Technical Support departments?

To contact us with a support issue or question click here and fill out a support form. We get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

6. Do you offer educational discounts for students or educators?

A Student Enrollment Program is available for the LEARNVIRTUAL program. For details please click here to contact us