ModelPort Object Importer and Editor for ARCHICAD

Discover ModelPort – the leading object importer and editor for ARCHICAD.

When creating a 3D model in ARCHICAD adding furniture, plants and manufacturer fixtures enhances the visual appeal of the project and helps to communicate the design intent. While ARCHICAD comes with an object library, there is often a need for additional parts.

File Formats for Importing into ARCHICAD

These parts can be sourced from a wide variety of websites such as 3dsky, DesignConnected and TurboSquid. Once you’ve found the part you need, the next challenge is finding a format that can be imported into ARCHICAD. That’s where ModelPort comes into play. ModelPort translates a number of file formats – OBJ, FBX, Modo, Blender and more – into ARCHICAD-compatible files.

Powerful Editing Tools

Best of all, ModelPort allows you to preview models before import as well as edit material, texture, placement, pen weight, fill color and more with powerful parametric editing tools. You can also manage imported objects to reduce file size and control the polygon count, ultimately improving the speed and performance of your ARCHICAD project file.