Creating Powerful Archicad Standards

Seven Lessons for Developing Your Office Standards

When selling yourself it’s important to present a powerful, consistent image that carries through on your designs, presentation boards and documents. The only way to guarantee consistency is to create a set of standards that you follow, especially when you are working in Archicad. Taking the time to create standards will also save you a lot of time and improve your efficiency over the long-haul.

Even though we know this intellectually, it can feel a bit daunting to tackle Archicad Office Standards yourself. That’s why we’ve developed this seven-part course to walk you through each step of the process. If you commit to joining each week’s lesson and spending a couple of extra hours applying what you have learned, you will have a set of customized office standards in just seven weeks!

The seven part online series is scheduled on select Mondays, from 11am to 1pm Pacific. Taught by an experienced Archicad instructor, each session includes instruction followed by time for questions and answers.

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Lesson Agenda

Sept 27 : Overview of a Project Template
Gain an understanding of the basics of setting up a project template in Archicad. We’ll examine options for developing a template; the standards important for BIM such as Titleblocks and Project Organization; Settings that can be customized; and how to save a project template.

Oct 4 : Understanding Project Preferences
Uncover the different types of preferences as well as the Archicad work environment in this Standards Class. Preferences include Working Units, Dimensions, Zones, Project Location and more. The environment includes User Preference Schemes, Company Standards, Shortcuts, and more.

Oct 18 : Setting Up Graphic Standards
Learn how to setup graphic standards for Archicad using Model View Options, Graphic Overrides, Pen Sets and other options to create different graphic output such as presentation drawings, background drawings and reflected ceiling plans.

Oct 25 : Defining Drawing Views
Discover how to standardize Views for a template in Archicad. You’ll learn about Saved Views and strategies for setting them up in a template, including organizing Views and creating preset Views for Layouts.

Nov 1 : Creating Title Blocks & Layouts
Examine how to create and standardize Title Blocks & Layouts in Archicad. You’ll uncover how to set up a Master Layout, including title blocks and drawing placement options; setting up Layouts and Subsets; and adding preset content to the layouts.

Nov 8 : Setting Up Defaults & Favorites for Tool Settings
Master how to use Defaults and Favorites for tools. You’ll learn about how favorites work and the favorites palette; how to create and organize favorites; and how to manage and edit favorites.

Nov 15 : Defining Building Schedules
Discover how to create custom building schedules, including a review of schedule types. You’ll learn how to add custom properties, work with schemes, create custom indexes, and link schedules to labels.