As much as we all love ARCHICAD, it is only a tool. In order to make a good profit, we must get the best out of it. Join this In-Practice Presentation to discover how to leverage your investment in software and training to increase practice profits. Timothy Ball, with JHD Architects, a modest residential practice in Tunbridge Wells, shares how his firm developed workflows and systems that help them achieve a very good profit. The key to their workflow is to embed all the construction documentation required into a single ARCHICAD file. Without good communication, quality drawings and detailed specifications, experience shows that you can lose a lot of money on site. You end up spending extra time on site dealing with problems, often delaying the job and incurring extras that you then have to explain to the client. That hits your profit and your reputation. By creating systems with ARCHICAD and heavily using favorites, you can turn confusion into understanding. Plus, these methods require less staff, which further increases profits. The goal is to never model or specify twice – do it once and save it for re-use.

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