ARCHICAD Basics Course

To learn how to implement Archicad on a project we recommend you start with our introductory Basics Training. The first lesson of this course will review a real-world project to help you understanding how to organize an Archicad model.  The course will then take you through the steps of creating a building and documenting the project.

Appropriate for new users of Archicad as well as experienced users who desire a high level orientation of the basic aspects of the application. The training is compatible with Archicad versions 25, 24, 23, 22 and 21. The four sessions introduce the concepts of BIM and how to model a virtual building within Archicad. You will learn to navigate within a virtual building environment, explore basic modeling techniques and discover how to manage a building information model.

Part 1: Understanding Concepts & Tools
In this first section you will learn how to use Archicad in the early stages of a design. Beginning with the basic concepts of Archicad, the class progresses through project setup including stories, layers and model views.

Part 2: Creating a BIM Model
Here you will discover how to use Archicad’s modeling tools to develop the building design. We will review the tools used to create the building shell including foundation, floors, walls, roof, ceilings, curtain walls, windows and doors.

Part 3: Adding Detail to Your Model
We will continue to work with the modeling tools in this section. The focus will be on the creation of stairs, complex walls, site components, interiors, modifying floors and adding railings into a design.

Part 4: Documenting Your Project
Finally, we will explore how to create views from the building model. You will learn about creating sections, elevations, callouts and model views as well as the creation and modification of drawing sheets.

Kris Smith, ARCHICAD Consultant & Coach. Kris began his career in Residential Architecture in 2000 for the largest home builder in Winnipeg. During his career he has used a variety of architectural software, including AutoCAD, Softplan, and Architectural Desktop. Once Kris started using ARCHICAD in 2007 he was hooked. Since then he has been sharing his passion for ARCHICAD and helping firms achieve greater success through the power of a truly all in one design, BIM, and documentation software.

Course Lessons

Basics Course-1
This is the first part of an ARCHICAD Basics series designed to put your ARCHICAD skills on the fast track. You will examine the basic concepts of ARCHICAD, including the interface, techniques for getting started on a project and ideas for setting up your work environment. Appropriate for users of ArchiCAD and ArchiCAD Solo.

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Basics Course-2
This second lesson of a four-part ARCHICAD Basics series focuses on Creating a BIM Model. You'll discover how to define stories; build a site and base building model; create a building structure; and develop the interiors.

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Basics Course-3
This third lesson of a four-part ARCHICAD Basics series focuses on Adding Detail to Your Model. You'll uncover how objects work and learn to add doors, windows and skylights, create stairs and building systems, and work with the roof and mesh tools.

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Basics Course-4
This last lesson of a four-part ARCHICAD Basics series focuses on Documenting Your Project. You'll examine how to create model views; use the view map; set up the layout book; and use the publisher. Appropriate for users of ArchiCAD and ArchiCAD Solo.

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