About our Training

Get the most out of Archicad training with a variety of resources that meet your changing needs, including Archicad In-Practice Webinars, Archicad OnDemand Training Videos, and Group or Individual Coaching Programs.

inpracticeIn-Practice Presentations

Or In-Practice presentations provide industry insights from experienced Archicad users that include architects, builders, consultants and other AEC professionals. Discover how users model, document, visualize and collaborate on a wide range of projects including residential, interior design, commercial, health care, schools and more. 

As an In-Practice Member you’ll have access to In-Practice project reviews and help tip presentations as well as LIVE presentations to help you gain better understand how to implement Archicad in your workflow.

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ondemandARCHICAD OnDemand Training

While some people can teach themselves ArchiCAD many people can’t. To help individuals and firms learn Archicad we’ve been developing training content for over 20 years. Money spent on training is a great investment that saves you time learning and implementing the software.

In our Archicad Training Library you will find recorded classes covering a range of topics including basic training, drafting, modeling, project management, visualization, object development and more. The classes offer a comprehensive level of training from beginner to advanced that are available on-demand as you need help with projects and staff.

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ARCHICAD TrainingCoaching Program

Sometimes you need to ask a specific question or require personal guidance. That is where our coaching program is invaluable. We have a team of Archicad experts who answer your questions as part of our monthly Open Forum Q&A sessions and are available for appointments when you need personal one on one help.

Our coaches also offer LIVE monthly presentations with tips and tricks to help guide clients in the best methods for modeling, how to implement Archicad, understanding how to manage BIM and other focused topics.

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