How to Register for an Event

If you’re new to LEARNVIRTUAL or just forgot how to register for a Monday Archicad Lesson follow these steps to attend our LIVE weekly events.

Premium Membership
To attend a Monday LIVE Archicad lesson and ask questions to the instructor your must be a Premium member. To change you membership level follow these steps:

– Click the account icon in the upper right
– Select the Membership popup menu options
– On the Membership Account page click the Change button
– On the Pricing & Plans page select a new membership level

Register Step 1: Select View all Events
To register for a LIVE Monday lesson you need to select a weekly event to attend. In the left navigation menu select View All Events from the My Events menu.


Register Step 2: Choose Event to Attend

In the Schedule > All Events list you will see a list of current weekly lessons available with a topic name, date and time of the lesson and a description of what will be the focus of the content presented. To learn more about the lesson and to register click the name of the lesson or the Find out more >> button.

Register Step 3: Click the Register Button

On the detail page for the selected event click the Register button and fill out the GoToWebinar registration information. When the system completes your registration


Register Step 4: Joining the Webinar

When the system completes your registration you will be forwarded to a page where you can join the webinar if it’s already in progress or choose to Add to Calendar which will add the webinar login details as a calendar event.