Energy Audit Testing Equipment

Here are the most common Energy Auditor tools available for your home energy audit inspections.  Everblue training courses will familiarize you with the variety of tools available and specific tools and tests required for various scenarios.

Energy Auditor Testing Equipment

Blower Door TrainingBlower Door (whole-house infiltration test) – AIR LEAKAGE REDUCES COMFORT by allowing moisture to penetrate your home, and can be responsible for as much as 40% of your heating and cooling costs! Everblue will train you to use the latest pressurization technology to find the air leaks through doors, walls, windows, ceilings, floors, attic and crawl spaces.



Duct Blaster Training

Duct Blaster (duct leakage test) – The average duct system leaks 30% of conditioned air into your attic or crawlspace, resulting in higher bills and shortening the life of your equipment because it has to work harder. Everblue training courses will explain how this test supplements Blower Door tests in certain scenarios.

Infrared Image of House Interior

Infrared Scanning – Identifies invisible trouble spots in your home’s insulation, allowing fortargeted repairs with maximum benefit and immediate savings. Although this tool is not required for all scenarios, Everblue will familiarize you with it's usefulness to Energy Auditors.


Energy Auditor Pressure Pan Training

Pressure Pan – Identifies a home's worst energy leaks be they ducts, outlets, openings, etc and allows for prioritization of work.  Everblue's BPI Envelope/Shell training course will train you how to use this quality tool.



Combustible Gas Detector

Combustible Gas Detector – Identifies gas leaks in or out of the home. Everblue's BPI Building Analyst training course will train you how to use this essential safety tool.


BPI CO Detector

Carbon Monoxide Detector – Measures CO gas levels for both occupant safety and combustion applicance efficiency testing. Everblue's BPI Building Analyst training course will train you how to use this essential safety and energy efficiency tool.


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